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I use hard links.  So you might be asking yourself what is the benefit to you? 
Simple answer Google loves sites that have hard links to them.

I know most webmasters have a real hard on for top list scripts that rank their referrers according to the amount of traffic they send.  So you might be wondering if you send more traffic than others will you be compensated fairly. 
The answer is yes, I manually update my referrers list twice a month with the sites that send the most traffic listed first.

So by trading with daughters nude you not only get the benefit of a most coveted hard link to your site, but also are fairly compensated for your traffic with a manually maintained top list.  Maintaining my referrers list can be time consuming for me, but I believe it not only benefits me, but also the sites I link to.  Lastly although I would like a hard link back it is not required. I'm happy to accept traffic from a script.

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You must ad a link to my site first.  I'm tired of webmasters who say they want to trade but then never send any traffic.

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Looking forward to new long and mutually fruitful relationships.

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